Am I entitled to claim tax back from the HMRC (Inland Revenue)?

  • Everyone has an annual tax free allowance and there are many reasons why you can claim tax paid back. Our tax rebate calculator can show you if you are eligible.

Why should I use your service for claiming tax back?

  • We offer a No Refund, No Fee service which means it costs you absolutely nothing to use our services unless we get you a tax refund. Express Tax Refund is a registered agent with HMRC, so you can rest assured that your refund is in safe hands. We have extensive experience in dealing with HMRC (Inland Revenue), so we can ensure that you will get the maximum rebate in the shortest time.

How long does it take to claim tax back?

  • A claim usually takes 4-8 weeks. However this may be slightly longer if you have a temporary National Insurance number or require P45 or P60 information.

How many years can I claim my tax refund from?

  • We will claim your income tax refunds for the previous 6 years and will then carry on claiming for you on an ongoing basis.

How do I claim my tax back?

What documents do I need to get my tax refund?

  • We need your P45/60. If you don’t have this you can still claim, but you will need a statement of earnings from your previous employer.

What are your fees for claiming back my tax?

  • If you send in your application within 14 days you will be charged 15p to the £1 after we secure got your refund. If you send in your application after 14 days then you will be charged 20p to the £1

Do you have a minimum fee?

  • You will only be charged if a refund is due. Our minimum charge is £89.99.

Can you transfer my money abroad?

  • One of our added value services is that we can send any refund abroad. Express Tax Refund charges an administration fee of £19.99 for this optional service.

Still have questions on how to claim a tax rebate?

  • If you still have a question, please feel free to call us without charge on: 0800-988-2656

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